Two Performance Hacks for Samsung's Captivate

We haven't been shy in our praise of the Samsung Galaxy S series phones (Vibrant, Captivate, etc.), particularly their speeds. But just how fast can it go?

Lucky for us, we've got really good benchmarking tools. In particular, Quadrant scores are what the industry uses as the standard for comparing speeds. As a point of reference, the Droid X, one of the faster phones out there, was recently overclocked, yielding ~1350 scores.

Not to be left out, two Captivate hacks have been employed, with results that are amazing!

The first hack employs creating a "VIRTUAL EXT2 filesystem inside the stock RFS filesystem on the internal SD card" which boosts I/O scores by around 800%. (The "lag fix".)

Combine this with a 1.2GHz overclocked kernel made by AJerman on XDA-Developers, and you'll gain around 15-20% more.

With both hacks in place Quadrant scores consistent above 2500 were reached -- much higher than any other phone tested so far.

Here's what's even more impressive: The Nexus One running Froyo's JIT compiler is about half as fast. The Captivate is still on Android 2.1, and doesn't have JIT... yet. When it does, we should see another jump in the benchmark scores.

But as with most things, there are side-effects. First, the overclocked kernel causes a lag on wake-up that stalls the phone for 3.5 seconds when waking up from standby. Second, the EXT2 hack is nowhere near perfect, and many consider it far too unstable according to some developers (they prefer to implement this hack using EXT3 or EXT4).

Even still, seeing this kind of performance increase is more than impressive. It borders on epic.

Do you have a Captivate? Have you applied either of these hacks? Both? How did it work out? Would you

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