A Quick Look at How Windows Phone 7 Devices Will Update

I'm sure most of you remember the Windows Update icon inside Windows Mobile and I'm also positive many of you have wondered why it was there and wished it only once would show an update available. Add to this the OTA updates Android devices get and you've got yourself frustrated over this.

With Windows Phone 7, there will be updates! Even though Microsoft has imposed a maximum 20MB/OTA update size (to save on bandwidth and data costs most probably), there will be updates since 20MB is quite enough for most fixes and patches (according to what we're used to by now). Larger than 20MB updates will be applied using the Zune PC software.

In order to test the OTA updateability of Windows Phone 7, a notification has been pushed to Windows Phone 7 devices out in the wild. The screenshot attached (courtesy of Paul Thurrott) shows us what exactly to expect when it comes to updates even though this was not a real update as it brought nothing (at all) new but its whole purpose was to test the updating functionality. This leads me into thinking: how often will updates be pushed to Windows Phone 7 devices and what exactly will be updated?

Via: (PocketNow)

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