HTC HTC SENSE HD3 with 3 concept

After the beautiful concept of 'HTC first, here's another user, _LeCiel_, try another interesting concept and well done on this time to 'htc HD3. This is his vision for the successor to the best sellers and popular HD2 Phone with Windows 7. The first concept of the HD3 was created in February 2010 but this is definitely better. Here are some details.

The device has two speakers in front so as to play sound, vision in landscape, in stereo. This camera front, an HDMI connection and six hardware buttons (three for windows 7 phone, one for turning off and 2 for the volume.)

The idea of the interface is on a new HTC SENSE 3 wp7 and animated wallpapers based style Android. I would say that everything is very clean and interesting, what do you think?

Via: (HDblog)
Via: (XDA Developers)

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