HTC Desire HD Spotted Looking Like a GSM EVO 4G

The rumored HTC Desire HD may have been spotted in an image looking like an EVO 4G from Sprint, but with a GSM radio rather than the CDMA/WiMax combo of the latter.

It is unclear from the photo if this handset will mostly use aluminum/metal for the shell. Other rumors floating around the Internet states that the Desire HD will use a mostly unibody aluminum construction, like the HTC Legend, but will also sport higher-end guts, like those on the Desire rather than the mid-range Legend's CPU.

Though the leaked image from Hong Kong is unverified, the device sports a large 4.3-inch display and a set of four capacitive touch buttons right below the screen that resembles those on HTC's other handsets, like the Droid Incredible.

Via: (PocketNow)

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