Verizon Says No Tiered Data Plans Yet

After rumors that Verizon Wireless is going to switch to a tiered data pricing strategy after rival AT&T had killed off its unlimited plans, the carrier has now gone on record to deny that tiered data plans are coming in the near future. However, the prospect of a finite data plan is being evaluated for Big Red's 4G LTE roll out.

According to Chief Financial Officer John Killian, Verizon Wireless is still hanging tight onto unlimited data plans right now to grow its smartphone market penetration: "I cannot say enough, though, about the opportunity we see ahead given where we are today with smart phone penetration." The current crop of smartphones are so successful, and in fact Verizon is saying that the Droid X is using 5 times more data than other smartphones on the carrier's network.

With LTE and increasing costs to maintain its infrastructure, Verizon may be re-evaluating its unlimited strategy then: "We have indicated in the past, as we move to an LTE world and LTE pricing, we will probably look very hard at tiered pricing, and that continues to be our thinking right now. So more to come on that. By the way, I should say that all of our efforts, all of our plans on getting LTE launched in the fourth quarter are on schedule."

For now, though, users can rest assured with unlimited. Now, I suppose, would be the time to get grandfathered into an unlimited plan if you ever intend on hopping ships to Verizon.

Via: (PocketNow)

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