More Windows Phone 7 Features Shown Off

We've seen many video walkthroughs of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system presenting features and workflow (check out our Windows Phone 7 Build 6414 Walkthrough video) but we discover more new things from a German ZDNet video presentation where guest Greg Sullivan - Senior Product Manager for Windows Phone takes on a short journey with his Samsung Taylor Windows Phone 7 device.

Some of the interesting bits that we didn't quite see before include a demonstration of HTML e-mail (1:58) and we see that Outlook is capable of delivering the rich e-mail experience of HTML e-mail from any Exchange, POP or IMAP source. As far as calendars are concerned, Windows Phone 7 will handle multiple Calendars (2:19) with Exchange, GMail, Windows Live and it will distinguish between them by using different (customizable we add) colors so the user will know, at a glance, where that certain appointment is coming from.

Here's something I haven't seen before: talking about the Pictures experience on Windows Phone 7, if you launch a Portrait slideshow or full screen view of your Pictures, besides flick scrolling them, you will have a cool feature of displaying them in a filmstrip (3:23), activated by a Pinch and Stretch gesture so you can easily find and select the one you are looking for. We also see a demonstration of the Camera application activated by the dedicated Camera button which will bring up the viewfinder (3:35). After taking the picture, you can easily switch back and forth between the picture and the viewfinder which is a great feature because you really don't want to miss that certain moment and ruin it with a badly taken picture.

Nothing new here, Bing will be included for all your local and web search needs and we see a presentation of how it works (6:15) as well as a demonstration of voice search (7:00) - check our Windows Phone 7 Speech Interface Preview.

We can't help but notice how fast the Operating System is when you launch applications, go back, launch another one and how fluid the User Interface is, let it be the app launch animations, the flick scrolling, picture viewing and zooming with Pinch and Stretch. One other thing I like is the soft keyboard typing sound (7:00) which hopefully will be an option because some of you might not like that or sometimes you just have to keep you phone usage experience quiet.

Do you think we're getting closer to the final product? Do you think it needs more polishing?

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