Life In a Day: Get Your 720p HD Recording Smartphone Cameras Out!

YouTube, in partnership with Sundance, Ridley Scott and director Kevin MacDonald, is embarking on an ambitious project on July 24th. The project asks users to take their cameras out and tell a story about their lives and the winning entries will be selected to appear in an edited documentary with footage created by users on their own recording equipment. With modern phones like the HTC EVO 4G, the Motorola Droid X, the iPhone 4, Microsoft KIN Two, and the Galaxy S variants capable of shooting videos in HD, modern geeks would make for great filmmakers. Now, all you need is a story--your life--and an eye for shooting.

According to the project's description, "On July 24, you have 24 hours to capture a glimpse of your life on camera. The most compelling and distinctive footage will be edited into an experimental documentary film, executive produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin."

If you do partake in this social documentary and share your life's story on this ambitious YouTube canvas, let us know and leave us a link to your videos.

If you have a good quality camera or camera phone, that would probably do fine as well, but for those with an HD-capable smartphone, there is little holding you back as you already have the equipment.

Via: (PocketNow)

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