Is CyanogenMod ROM Coming to Your Android?

It seems that a very large number of custom ROMs are being based off CyanogenMod ROM these days. Not only that, CyanogenMod ROM is being ported to more and more handsets. I run CyanogenMod on my Nexus One and my wife runs CyanogenMod on her G1 (both Froyo, by the way).

But what about your Android? Is the CyanogenMod Team (aka "Team Douche") building a ROM for your phone? If so, what's their progress? Luckily there's a Google Doc for that:

What's on the list?
- Dream
- Sapphire
- Nexus One
- Motorola Droid
- myTouch Slide
- HTC Desire
- Hero GSM
- Hero CDMA
- Samsumg Galaxy S
- HTC Incredible

Via: (PocketNow)

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