An iPhone 4 Band-aid? Not Sure Which Is Worse!

So yeah, we know this is the golden opportunity for any company to strike it rich in figuring out how to solve the iPhone 4 death grip issues for you.. I just wonder how slapping your cutting edge iPhone 4 with a Band-aid will make it look anything other than literally "sick". I don't know about yout, but I was on that list of users who is simply not happy with the "We'll give you a free bumper" fix. I prefer a bare phone, like I know many of you do, but here's another weird solution that might just find a market out there.. Hopefully. A six pack will cost you $5 here if you're interested..

I wonder if they have one in metallic grey without the little dots,.. you know,.. so it doesn't look like a Band-aid!! As long as that thing doesn't fall off after a few days, one in this color would probably make sense..

Via: (PocketNow)

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