IMDb Mobile v.0.7 Update Brings Many Changes

We've posted about the unofficial mobile IMDb app, the client that connects your Windows Phone to the Internet Movie Database website and allows you to experience it everywhere on your Device.

Well, IMDb Mobile has just been updated to version 0.7, bringing many changes to the table, amongst which the support for custom skins (actually the app comes preloaded with two skins, the default one and an Android skin) as well as brand new icons to replace the old, "not so smooth" ones. Find the changelog below (quote):

- Interaction with HTTP is now rewritten. Hopefully will remove all ObjectDisposedExceptions.
- Added GZip Compression. Should be faster on slower connections.
- Added "Recent Searches"
- Added skinning support. Two themes installed by default
- Added finger-friendly "pressed" state for buttons.
- Added simple data caching
- Reduced memory footprint
- Fixed TV episodes. Lists episodes by season, episode air date & click-through for more details on each episode
- Fixed person filmography - now lists all roles as Director, Producer, Actor, Self, etc.
- Fixed quotes display issues. Some quotes still get cut off... still looking into this
- Fixed some localization bugs
- Fixed settings dialog
- Changed all icons to better quality ones and got rid of the nasty pixelated fader at the top. Icons now use alpha transparency & fader is native GDI code.
- Animated loading screen

You will need .NET Compact Framework 3.5 installed as a prerequisite to run this application.

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