iFixit 4 investigates iPhone replaced by Apple

Yesterday we brought you an article by Gizmodo alleging 'iPhone 4 and the now famous antenna problem. A blog reader told his American experience with Replacement 4 with iPhone reception problems and the proximity sensor. The user continues by telling that the iPhone 4 replaced by Apple has some small different aspects, such as a strange sinker that takes the steel frame which in one way or another has significantly improved the reception, also discussed with the "hand effect".

iFixit, known blog repair, decided to investigate and was made to replace the iPhone 4.

The four original iPhone was manufactured in the 25th week of 2010, while the iPhone iFixit (as the reader of Gizmodo) has been in place by Apple belongs to the 27 weeks of production.

The iPhone's serial number 4 is easy to decode using the following parameters:

aa = plant
b = Year
cc = Week
ddd = unique identifier
EE = Color
f = cut memory

iFixit has received reports from its users about 4 to iPhone replaced by Apple and partially different from the original, which also issues the antenna built-in "were no longer present. Even the blog of repairs has thus decided to replace its iPhone, claiming a problem with Bluetooth.

Even on their new iPhone 4 is a coating non-conductive "in the steel frame, at the antenna, which apparently limited to a maximum of reception problems.

iFixit has promised to conduct more detailed tests, analyzing the performance of the new iPhone that purchased the 4 replaced Dayon. Intat remember that tomorrow Apple will hold a conference that speaks your antenna problems.

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