HTC To Release Six New Smartphones In Quarter Four

Popular smartphone manufacturer HTC has big plans for the fourth quarter of 2010, hoping to reach 8.5 million sold units by the end of year 2010.

The HTC roadmap saw daylight today and the Taiwanese Commercial Times brought it: according to it, Europe will receive the HTC Vision running Google's Android in October and the HTC Mondrian with the upcoming Windows Phone 7 around the same time.

The US market will get the HTC Vanguard and the HTC Emerald via T-Mobile as well as a yet unnamed Windows Phone 7 device. AT&T, will also get involved with an HTC Windows Phone 7 smartphone around November 2010.

This means we're getting closer and closer to a final build of Windows Phone 7 taken into consideration the time needed to build the hardware, implement the software, distribute and prepare everything in order for devices to hit the market in October 2010, meaning we're two and a half months away from the final end consumer product.

Via: (PocketNow)

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