HD2 3D Driver Patch Now Called Turbo3D, Final and on Marketplace

We've previously covered the development of the HD2 3D Driver Patch which helps in scenarios where some of the applications that use graphics, such as games, might run a bit slow or stutter on devices like the HTC HD2 and the patch tries to solve this issue.

The app is now called Turbo3D, it's final and hit Marketplace with the following description:

Many new phones come with homescreens, apps and games based on OpenGL, a framework for 3D applications. Not all of these work as fluent or smooth as they could, and this is where Turbo3D comes in. Turbo3D attempts to optimize OpenGL performance and visual quality, for example by ensuring the optimal OpenGL configuration is being used and emulating vertical sync as needed.

- Optimizes OpenGL performance and visual quality for many apps and games (especially older)
- Provides 3 different optimization modes, configurable per application
- MUST-HAVE for 'Snapdragon' devices like the HTC HD2, LG Expo, Toshiba TG-01 and Acer F1
- Not generally needed on Samsung and older HTC devices, these are well optimized already
- Please reboot your device after installation!

Turbo3D costs $3.99 on Marketplace but XDA Developer members can get it for free but if you can afford it, support the developer and purchase from Marketplace.

Via: (PocketNow)
Source: (XDA Developers)

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