Free Samsung Galaxy S in UK to iPhone 4 Owners?!

In a bid too woo iPhone 4 owners who have been complaining about reception issues, Samsung UK seems to be giving away Galaxy S smartphones--no strings attached--to random Twitterers.

Users on Twitter who complain about the iPhone 4 are getting messages from Samsung UK saying "Sorry about your iPhone 4 problems. Send us your contact details and we'll send you a free Galaxy S."

Looks like a great marketing campaign for Samsung.

Although I haven't played with the GSM international version of the Galaxy S, the T-Mobile Vibrant variant does seem to suffer from the same antenna reception issues that Apple mentioned would happen to other phones as well. Gripping the Vibrant would result in seeing a drop from 5 bars to 0 or 1 bar in my experience in the Bay Area, California, so I am not sure if getting a Galaxy S would result in a "fix" to Apple's problems.

A switch to the Galaxy S may not be as easy for some users either. In addition to switching to a Samsung-skinned Android OS that resembles iOS in its UI elements, users who have been tied to the iPhone ecosystem would need to re-purchase and find apps on the Android platform, which would add to the cost of switching despite receiving a free device from Samsung UK.

Via: (PocketNow)

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