Dual boot Android and Windows Mobile program JMZ v4

Now that the development of Android for HD2 is at an advanced stage may be useful to have a dual boot on your terminal, a program that lets you switch to choose whether to start with Android or Windows Mobile.

We then start work jmztaylor and expected to return until they had produced a usable version. That is now ready version 4 should not require changes to the registry or otherwise.

Should be sufficient to install the cab and nothing else. For now, the program supports multiple languages and can run both if you put Frøya version 2.2 (which we know Android is put into a folder inside the sd card) and is based on the version with htc htc Desire sense, files that are instead copied into the main dir of the memory card.

The program must be installed in main memory of the phone and here JMZ Android Dual-Boot for HD2 v4

What you see above in 'image is a variant created by NRG-with-a very beautiful skin. Having been created just since we are not able to test it. From what we read this version should start only version of android copied to the dir of the card memory. You can find this version skins here.

With both versions you do not have to worry about launching the first clrcad.exe to get the audio working on Android, we think the dual boot program to do so.

Via: (HDblog)

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