Droid X Makes It Easy to Share and Order Prints of Your Digital Pictures

Motorola's Droid X has a simple feature that allows users to order prints--yes, physical paper prints--of the images that they had captured on the device's 8-megapixel camera. The feature called Print to Retail will allow users to search for nearest retail locations, pull up prices for prints, and order their prints right from their Droid X smartphones. While many industries have gone paperless, the business of making, sharing, and preserving memories may still require a few paper trails, especially to parents and grandparents, and it is great to see that Motorola has considered that as a feature and made Print to Retail as painless as possible.

According to Android and Me, "While looking at a picture inside the gallery, you can select the option by pressing Menu > Share > Print to Retail. Once the option is selected, you’ll be presented with a list of the nearest retail printing destinations. In the Twin Cities, the only options we have available to us are CVS and Costco, but we’re pretty sure that store selection will vary by market. If you’ve not looking to print pictures at the closest shop, you can search for other locations by zip code."

After you select the shop you want, the next screen gives you a price listing where you can enter the number of prints for each photo. State sales taxes are then computed and added and then you can be off to your local pharmacy to pick up your favorite pictures--all without having to pull up a computer.

Via: (PocketNow)

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