Difference reception on iPhone 4.0 and 4 with ios ios 4.0.1

The problem of the antenna 'iPhone 4 was initially accused by Apple to own error in software. The error was related to the wrong formula that did appear to receive too many notches on the iPhone 4, when in fact those were actual minors. With the 'Firmware Update 4.0.1 Apple has solved the "problem" the wrong cleats. Now the distribution of marks in dBm is better, because each of them has received proportionately the same range, just as you can see from the chart below.

As we explained in our previous article, Apple has corrected the scale bar, going to raise the lowest level up to -121 dBm, significantly below the threshold of -113 dBm at 4.0 IOS. In a practical way the new update brings the following difference in reception on the iPhone 4:

As noted, the operator H3G, the signal that was filled with Firmware 4.0, equivalent to 5 notches, with the IOS 4.0.1 is "down" to 3 notches. This does not mean that the receiving device is deteriorated, but the signal IOS 4.0 was not entirely truthful.

Looking at the chart on this: when the IOS 4 coming to a -91 dBm receive the iPhone marked an already receiving maximum of 5 marks, the illusion that the signal was completely full and now with the iPhone mark -91 dBm only 3 notches, just as with our test iPhone 4 and H3G.

The signal with the full IOS 4.0.1 you will effectively only when the reception is very very high and exceeds -76 dBm (-51 dBm remember that means a maximum and perfect reception).

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