Conflipper Retires, For Now

Many of you that have been a part of the Windows Mobile community know the name Conflipper. He is an instrumental part of the Windows Phone development community plus he provides a reliable stream of information about upcoming phones and technologies relating to HTC, Microsoft, and other smartphone products. Recently he received a cease and decist letter from HTC regarding his site Shipped ROMS stating that he was unlawfully posting proprietary software on his website. In response, Conflipper is discontinuing his work, or as he puts it:

Well for the most part this HTC Saga is over. The verdict is in. They have asked me not to upload more files in the future. For a compromise, they are allowing me to keep everything else that is online.

This is a compromise on both sides. Although I do not enjoy how this turned out. I am not about to go head to head with a corporation of that size.

The other side to this is going to hurt a little more. Because of the recent turn of events. I am decided to leave behind the PPC community; and focus my time on other tasks at hand.

This leads me to the ending of this saga. I have spent the last 4 years devoting my time to mobile phones. Making them better, expanding on what they can already do. Helping thousands of users do what they could with their devices. I have made many friends from all around the world. However I think that it is time for me to call it quits. I have enjoyed everything, and phone modifications will always be in my mind. It is just time for me to spend my time focus on other activities and learning new skills. The times I have had will always be remembered. However everyone has a time they need to call it quits. This is my time, with HTC being curious about what I am doing. I think it is time for me to walk away when I am on top. I wish everyone the best of luck, I will be paying attention, however I will not be taking part of what is going on.

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