Code names of Windows Phone 7 HTC Devices

Now that the project was shelved Kin, all eyes are on Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has confirmed the release of all new devices for the end of September beginning of October with Dell, Asus, LG, Samsung and HTC obviously. Extracted from a ROM from Windows 7 Phone Conflipper, character known and established network, announced via Twitter the names of the next Windows 7 Phone

HTC Sauce (WP7?), HTC Motion, HTC Master HTC Swing (WP7?), HTC Blitz, Sage HTC, HTC Tango (WP7?), HTC Vienna. Guessing on OS not sure on That

Obviously they are code names that will undergo changes and you know exactly which of these will come on the market. The Phone Windows 7 should still be three, indicating that HTC has not completely moved only Android but is simply waiting for the release of the new Microsoft OS.

Via: (HDblog)

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