AT&T Anticipates Selling 8 Million Windows Phone 7 Devices

AT&T, a launch partner for Windows Phone 7, is rather optimistic about Microsoft's forthcoming mobile operating system; the carrier has signed up to sell 8 million Windows Phone 7 smartphones. Though the carrier didn't note at what pace or how long they give themselves to move 8 million devices running Microsoft's platform, that number is still impressive and marks the carrier's confidence. That number was obtained by tech columnist Michael Gartenberg, who was given the information by an inside source.

AT&T has always boasted its strength in smartphones, touting that it moves more smartphones than its competitors. However, with a more consumer-focus on Windows Phone 7 than the preceding Windows Mobile operating system, it is yet to be seen how enterprise smartphone shoppers on AT&T's network will respond.

Via: (PocketNow)

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